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Epic Records:

You did a good job of getting Melanie exposure in Indonesia. Now she needs more exposure in the good ol' US of A.

Please Arrange More Airtime for Melanie Amaro here in the states. We want to hear her on the Radio.
And obviously, the more people who hear her, the more will love her and purchase her music.

Please make it happen!


LA Reid
Chairman/CEO Epic Records
X Factor USA Judge
(Watching Indonesian Long Distance plays?)
(How about US Airtime?)
(Where is the promo worthy of 1st XF winner?)
(Simply put I want Melanie's CD!)

Simon Cowell
X Factor Creator, Judge, Melanie's Mentor
(Need to show up at Melanie's door again - this time with news of US show or airtime)

X Factor Around the world

(No need to pray for #SnowOnTheSahara - Pray @LA_Reid gets @itsmelanieamaro more airtime)

Paula Abdul
X Factor Around the world
X Factor USA

(Tell @LA_Reid and Epic to #RushRush and get @itsmelanieamaro on the Radio & release CD)

Nicole Scherzinger
X Factor USA

(Help @itsmelanieamaro #Boomerang to the top Whisper to @LA_Reid to get her radio time)